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Dear friends. I am professional artist with many years of experience. I would like to offer you unique opportunity of having a painting, made according to your individual wishes. Oils, watercolours, graphics, portraits or decorative motives, small or large- your involvement in creating of art will make your interiors very special. To ensure highest standard and unique nature of my art. I use only traditional techniques and methods. 

Living Room Wall Art Ideas 

Even the most modern and thoughtful interior will not look fully harmonious without wall decoration. A beautiful renovation of the apartment, expensive furniture, high-quality textiles, figurines - all this is the basis of the living room. But if the walls remain bare, even in the most beautiful interior you will feel uncomfortable. So, in addition to furniture and decor, it is important to choose paintings in the living room in order to achieve maximum unity of style and harmony.

Art for your home.Original Artwork for Sale

The prices of my works for sale are given in the Polish currency PLN - convert them to Euros or Dollars according to current bank exchange rates

Custom-made oil paintings for your home or office 

If you’re looking for a unique piece of art to add to your home or office, consider purchasing a hand-painted oil painting. These paintings are created by skilled artists who use high-quality materials to ensure that each piece is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. When you purchase an oil painting, you’re not just buying a piece of art – you’re investing in a work of art that will last for generations. Unlike prints or posters, oil paintings are created using high-quality materials that are designed to stand the test of time. This means that your painting will look just as beautiful in 50 years as it does today. One of the best things about oil paintings is that they come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a large landscape painting or a small portrait, there’s an oil painting out there that’s perfect for your needs. And because each painting is created by hand, you can be sure that your piece is truly unique. So if you’re looking for a beautiful and timeless piece of art to add to your collection, consider purchasing a hand-painted oil painting. With their stunning colors and intricate details, these paintings are sure to become treasured family heirlooms for generations to come. You decide the theme, size and style of your painting. Order now and get a hand-painted masterpiece delivered to your door.

Portraits painted from a photo

I create portraits from photos provided by clients. Portraits can be made in many different techniques- black and white pencil drawings, colourful pastels, oil paintings on canvas or watercolours.

Price depends on technique used, size and number of people on the painting.

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e-mail : milenaolesinska@wp.pl

Poland Szczecin

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+48 601 698 355